(Hony) Chief Executive/Chief Legal advisor and member of the board of Governors, Sri Lanka National Arbitration Centre.

Welcome to Colombo, Sri Lanka

The Sri Lanka National Arbitration Centre (SLNAC) having been established and incorporated in 1985 functions as the leading institution that furthers the goals and objectives of commercial arbitration in Sri Lanka. With hope of making commercial dispute resolution through the practice of arbitration more cost effective and expeditious, the Centre stands at the threshold of being one of the primary establishments in South Asia which would afford the flexibility and convenience of conducting both regional and international arbitrations.

Various new methods have been initiated which have made the arbitration process more efficient and have therefore assisted businesses, the general public and the nation at large to bring about settlements in commercial disputes under due process of law. Thus our plan for the future has been reformulated.

In light of the removal of all obstacles pertaining to economic growth in this country coupled by the rapid increase in the spheres of infrastructure development, foreign direct investment, imports and exports and the growth of the Capital markets, the Centre remains focused and determined to offer its services to legal professionals and the local & international business communities.


Our aim is to project Colombo Sri Lanka as a venue for arbitration based on the following advantages:

In terms of geography, the country is found off the south coast of the Indian-subcontinent, easily accessible by both air and sea routes.

A rich and long standing legal heritage comprising of the finest luminaries in the profession, the latest laws governing arbitration, a Common Law based on Roman-Dutch law and Commercial Law founded on the principles of English Law.

A widespread usage of languages and especially possessing excellent skills
in English, and also Telecommunication and IT infrastructure.

Peaceful and cohesive environment.

Serves as one of the most sought after tourist destinations of the world
with a unique culture, numerous leisure facilities and
5 star hotel accommodation.

Acceptability of the country as a neutral venue:
A conscious effort has been made to expedite the resolving of commercial disputes through innovative methods. We are pleased to note that during the course of the year past, a total of 134 arbitrations were initiated and the percentage of cases filed and disposed of stood at 110 in the year…
The figure is an outstanding disposal rate of 82% within a year.