Who We Are

The foremost and oldest institution in the country, responsible for the administration of arbitral matters and hearings, the Sri Lanka National Arbitration Centre in Colombo takes pride in affording an expedient service for the resolving of commercial disputes. Established and incorporated in the year 1985, the Centre continues the responsibility in dealing with a vast variety of clients and providing the very best in commercial dispute resolution.

Conveniently located in the heart of Colombo, the Sri Lanka National Arbitration Centre now in its 30th year of operation serves as the benchmark of commercial arbitration in the country and is therefore well equipped to handle any form of dispute, regardless of its magnitude. Built on over 3 decades of trust, acumen and efficacy, the Centre currently carries out on average 20 arbitration sittings on a weekly basis.

Further the Sri Lanka National Arbitration Centre has also entered into strategic alliances with a number of reputed international arbitration centres and organizations in the world.

As part of its aspirations, the Centre hopes to transform itself into a hub of both regional and international arbitration while focusing on providing its services expeditiously and in the most cost effective manner under due process of law.


Our Services

The fundamental objective of the Sri Lanka National Arbitration Centre is to further the operation and conduct of arbitration while being seen as facilitator, registrar, coordinator of accommodation facilities, provider of secretarial services and other necessary duties.



The main responsibility of the centre is to popularize the operation and practice of arbitration.



Four fully air conditioned chambers are available for the conduct of sittings with adequate seating.


Hotel arrangements

Hotel arrangements can be conveniently provided on request for international arbitrary hearings.


fully computerized

The centre is fully operational with an
efficient computerized secretariat manned by a Chief Operations Officer.


  • We are saddened to be informed of the demise of our esteemed colleague on the Board of Governors of the Sri Lanka National Arbitration Centre, Mr. Edgar Cooray.

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  • Any dispute which the parties have agreed to submit to arbitration under an arbitration agreement may be determined by arbitration unless the matter in respect of which the arbitration agreement is entered into is contrary to public policy or, is not capable of determination by arbitration.
  • A party who seeks to challenge an arbitrator shall, unless the parties have decided that the decision shall be taken by some other person, first do so before the arbitral tribunal, within thirty days of his becoming aware of the circumstances which give rise to doubts about the arbitrators’ impartiality or independence.
  • "Mr.Joao Ribeiro UNCITRAL Head (Asia and Pacific) And Mr. Hiran de Alwis Board Member and Chief Legal Advisor to The Sri Lanka National Arbitration Centre. In Colombo, Sri Lanka August 2016 at the Sri Lanka National Arbitration Centre."